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I've taken a strange and interesting path to the classroom. It all started with a degree in Broadcast Communications from North Central College.

During my time there, my roommate and I started a television produSteve Rogers Headshotction company. We turned one bedroom of our apartment into an edit suite and began working on everything from weddings to television commercials.

Shortly after graduation we sent in a pilot to The Outdoor Channel for a fishing show. It was picked up. For the next five years I hosted that program and traveled the nation.

After the show ran its course, my contacts in the outdoor industry asked me to work as a sales rep. Since I was out of work at the time it sounded like a great idea. The next couple of years were a whirlwind of travel and adventure.

During all of these outdoor occupations a local paper contacted me and asked if I would be interested in writing a weekly column on the outdoors. Into The Outdoors is now in its twelfth year of continuous publication and nearing 700 published articles.

I still didn't feel fulfilled. Not to mention my travels kept me away from my family 200 nights a year.

I quit my sales job, went back to school, and now I teach fifth grade in Minooka, IL. During this tenure I realized that preparing for writing stressed a lot of great teachers. I also noticed that most of my students felt the same way. I was determined to change this. 

The Page Writer was born! I promised myself to provide teachers with everything they need to teach high quality lessons that engage kids. I hope you find these plans meet those specifications. If not, contact me and I will make sure you get what you need.‚Äč

I am also in the process of selling my first Young Adult manuscript. Keep your fingers crossed that one day you will see it in bookstores across the country.

Oh, did I mention I grew up a plumber? Yep. I bet there are very few other educators who can say they have stood calf deep in raw sewage. It builds character. At least that is what I tell myself.

I told you it was a strange path.