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Why The Page Writer?

  • A full year of Common Core aligned lessons.
  • All four writing genres: Narrative, Expository, Argumentative, Persuasive.
  • Everything your staff needs, including anchor papers, rubrics, and step-by-step instruction.
  • Leveled for Grades 3-8. Can be used to easily differentiate for student ability.
  • Incorporates the Six Traits of Writing.
  • Seamlessly ties in with reading comprehension. If they can write it, they can recognize it.
  • Lessons are designed to allow for student interest and creativity.
  • Video Introductions for every lesson to hook students. See sample video below.
  • Built as a stand-alone curriculum, but at supplemental pricing.

Also Included:

  • Professional Development videos and podcasts available on the site to subscribers.
  • Weekly Professional Development through a closed Facebook group. Your staff members can post questions and Page Writer staff will answer throughout the day and evening. FREE WITH PROGRAM SUBSCRIPTION.


What You Get

 Step_By_Step_Image  Comparison_Images  ComparisonText_Image  Anchor_Paper_Image

Checklist_Image  Organizer_Image  Rubric_Image  Assessments_Image            


Take a look at a lesson. This is a Grade 5 Introductory lesson for Argumentative Writing. It distinguishes the differences between Argumentative and Persuasive. As you scroll through, notice that there are comparison pieces, examples with key attributes highlighted for the students, anchor papers, and many other resources. This is just for one lesson! Place pointer over image to scroll through the entire lesson. To see more lessons, click the Sample Lessons link in the Menu.


Click here to see what a full year of curriculum looks like. 


Use the School/District Form to determine your discount. Indicate how you would like to be invoiced. The form can be returned electronically or through the mail. Happy Children in ClassAfter we receive payment we will be in contact with your building principals to setup the teacher accounts. NEW SCHOOL/DISTRICT SPECIAL: ONLY $35, OR LESS, PER TEACHER!



Number of Teachers

Percentage off Regular Price


Special New School/District Discount $35





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Download School District Form Here.

Download W-9 Form Here.